Erotic Notion #17 Teenage Girl Masturbating – Multiorgasmic
By Hapax Legomenon

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It started simply enough; a teenage girl in bra and panties sits awkwardly on a hotel bed. Someone offscreen makes her smile and roll her eyes and say something inaudible. The video goes black, changing to the same girl on the bed – now nude – slowly touching herself. The camera strolls around the bed, settling inches from her face; she twitches her nose, laughs and sticks out her tongue. The camera retreats and zooms carelessly in and out. The girl has started touching herself again, but is interrupted by a noise. "Apa?" she calls out, flustered. Black. Moments later, she is back, this time with a humming vibrator. The camera zooms to the detail of the vibrator on the girl's pussy, as though the rest of her body were a minor detail to this buzzing show. Back to her face now – where something offscreen has caught her attention. At first, she doesn't understand and stops, motioning to the right. "Mee don," she says – not with any strong emotion, as though making a casual (even banal) remark. Moments later, she resumes her masturbation, the buzzing barely audible above her breaths. The girl smiles politely at the camera and closes her eyes. When she opens them again, she makes a series of yawning hiccups that sound childlike and almost comic. The camera remains on her for a good ten seconds, but her face is perfectly still. Her mouth opens a bit, but her eyes remains closed; she is rubbing away, lost in faraway drowsiness.

The girl nods and twists her neck while her tongue hangs out like a person in epileptic shock. Sucking in her cheeks, she gives two dainty grunts … and a languorous sigh. She begins to whine; eventually the whining matches the pace of her rapid hand movements until it ends in a giant grunt. She relaxes and closes her eyes, letting the vibrator settle over her most sensitive parts. She lies there, savoring the feeling until she discovers one more nugget of sensation. Without making a sound, she keeps nodding her head. Finally, she sucks in her breath, tilts her head back and exhales. The transformation of her face from flirty girl to grunting monster was startling and even grotesque. For an instant the little girl was back; seconds later she was a wanton woman whose legs were stretched open without shame. For long periods of time she seemed comatose, silent except the buzzing of the vibrator. Faint traces of anticipation appear on her face; biting her lips, she gives a quick yelp, then an amorphous sound of pleasure. Eventually she catches her breath and sinks into the pillow. She looks up wearily, smiling at the camera with a combination of amusement and contempt.

The camera rests uncomfortably on her face for a few seconds, as though waiting for her to speak. Then the video ends.

This video was uploaded to the file sharing networks in early 2006. For a few months, nobody noticed it, but after it was posted to a porn video board, people began downloading it like crazy. The file (which was 3 minutes and 38 seconds and 62.1 megabytes) was titled, Teenage girl masturbating – multiorgasmic and downloaded in minutes. Soon it shot to the top of the Most Popular Downloads chart. There was even a comment section (rapidly expanding) with comments like this:

How I would love to fuck that girl's tight cunt!
Jesus, where has that girl been all my life!!!???
Maybe she could teach my girlfriend a thing or two....
Girlfriend?....I wish she could teach the entire female population
I could watch this girl's show … wish she were cuter though.
Cuter???? Jesus fucking Christ. She's a total hottie.
Meh. Only a 7 or 7.5
-2 points because she's a Spic. I'd fuck her though.
Spic. What are you talking about? She's Asian!
This girl is a goddess.
Agreed with previous post. She's a total goddess.
Where's the rest of this video?
That dickhead doesn't know what he's talking about. She's a 10 and a killer 10, no doubt about it.
She's not Asian...she's Indonesian.
Is this girl a professional? Does anyone have any other videos?
Look at her expression at 1:02. OMG!
Sorry not my type. But still I never knew 1 girl could have so many orgasm.
My girlfriend is like this sometimes.... But she's a bitch.
I think she's a pro. Looks like Magda Ivonin
I hate to be rude. But she looks like a total retard. Does she have a disease?
Well, if that's a disease, I wish every fucking girl out there had it.
Geez. I gotta show this to my girlfriend.....
Yeah, and then show her some gangbangs...that will cheer her up...
Holy cow! I honestly had no idea some girls came so many times.
She looks like a chimpanzee when she cums – see 2:08.
Fake? Fuck you man! It's the real thing.
Agreed. Nobody could fake that. See especially 1:52
Man, where does this girl live?
Agreed that this is an amateur. None of these Euro porn stars ever have real orgasms.
Man, I could watch this same video 100 times.
Agreed. I would definitely bring this one if I were stranded on a desert island.
This girl is nothing compared to Suzie Sexy's double dildo scene.
I like it how the girl just explodes at 2:09. How long do you think she could go on doing that?

The puerile (but generally adulatory) comments flowed over 10 or 15 pages. The download link was copied onto other bulletin boards and file sharing networks, generating scores of comments. Even the name of the download file underwent several variations. Ex-girlfriend_ masturbating, Psychomasturbator, German girl masturbating, Multiorgasm Indonesian teen, Miley Cyrus secret masturbation scene, Amateur teen multiorgasmic.

Online discussion boards speculated about the video's origin. Early commenters said the girl had to be Indonesian – even though the girl didn't look particularly Asian and nothing in the video suggested this (other than the fact that "Apa" meant "what" in Indonesian). Eventually a webmaster said that the original uploader's IP address was American, putting all speculation to rest. Or did it? Frankly, the room (a hotel room?) seemed too ramshackle to be found in any developed country. And the camera and resolution didn't seem particularly high quality – it might even have come from a cell phone. The video file was analyzed for clues, but the scenery was bereft of props (except an ugly painting of a pomegranate on the wall). The girl was wearing a light blue t-shirt and dark jeans. Even her hair style seemed generic. There was a birth mark on her stomach and an earring on her left nose, but no tattoos. Based on the sound and appearance, the vibrator was quickly identified as an American brand produced in China, but this didn't help much. One commenter argued that the multiorgasmic girl video was part of a series of lone girl videos called "Hotel Room Encounters." For a while, commenters compared girls in HRE vids to multiorgasmic girl. The room of multiorgasmic girl definitely resembled those in HRE videos, but other than that, there was no connection.

No one could explain why this video had become so popular. It couldn't be simply that she had achieved 4 orgasms in 3 1/2 minutes. Perhaps it was the way a quiet and ordinary-looking teenager had transformed into a slut monster within minutes. Although many found the video erotic in its own weird way, the way she wrinkled her face and clawed at the bed during climax struck people as hilarious. It was even more hilarious when a minute later she did it again (and two more times before the end).

Soon this video became the most popular on the porn channels and download sites – some say the entire Internet. Certain risque bloggers linked to it, and the video soon trickled into mainstream venues. Someone turned it into a 5 second loop alternating between the girl's innocent pre-orgasm face and her wanton expression afterwards. Several European dance clubs took a 30 second loop from the video and projected it on the wall while people danced the night away. The video was introduced on the porn forums, copied multiple times, made into online avatars and parodied on mainstream humor sites before viewers even knew what it referred to. The original video usually had branded advertising at the bottom of the screen, and sometimes the zip file contained viruses. It reached the point where most of the videos labeled Teenage girl multiorgasmic were anything but that; instead they were old men fucking or anime or promos for the latest porn site.

Soon there were imitation videos. Two or three porn stars with a slight resemblance to the original girl made their own multiorgasmic videos, and a person who hadn't seen the original might assume that these slick and professional versions were in fact the original. The imitation videos (as it turns out) were simply a promo for a new Brazilian porn site, but even the people who had seen the original recognized these imitations as "interesting." Strangely, the original video often made cameo appearances in other porn videos. In one of the most downloaded, a lesbian couple embraces on a bed while watching the video of multiorgasmic girl on TV. While one lesbian watches the video, her partner kneels down to kiss her pussy; the point of view alternates between the grainy resolution of multiorgasmic girl and the sighing lesbian who is close to orgasm herself. As the lesbian's face clenches in anticipation, the climaxes of multiorgasmic girl echo from the TV. When the lesbian finally unwinds into a noisy orgasm, the lesbian scene is revealed to be a porn scene being watched by another lone girl who is masturbating as well.

Go to any porn forum and you will find a dozen threads devoted to unraveling the mystery of this multiorgasmic girl video. There are frame-by-frame analyses, detective work into the painter of the pomegranate picture and even an analysis about how the girl's bone structure helped her to have orgasms. One thread had photographs of hotel rooms that resembled the original one. Someone posted a list "10 Signs a Girl is Secretly Multiorgasmic" while another added doodles and silly subtitles to show what the girl was really thinking about (apparently it was "her next shoe purchase" and "reasons why Barry Manilow was a better singer than Frank Sinatra"). The video was widely discussed by women. How could they hope to compare in bed to multiorgasmic girls like these? Could this ease in having orgasms ever be learned? Was it giving men unrealistic expectations about how women behaved in bed? Was it good to bring the video camera into the bedroom? Was this girl liberated or exploited? If the women did come forward, should she be celebrated by women as well?

Later it was announced that multiorgasmic girl would show up in a virtual world as herself. News of the upcoming appearance spread among porn fans around the world. Most thought it would be a fake, but a number showed up at the appointed time for curiosity's sake. Almost 2000 avatars showed up at the virtual theater; most were presumably male, but about 40% of the avatars were scantily-dressed females; one avatar was a giant who had a virtual cock about twice his height; every so often one or two avatars in schoolgirl uniform climbed up to suck it or fuck it. Various herds of people throughout the audience killed time by engaging in sexual antics – to the extent permitted by the virtual world. But most in the virtual audience stood around, floating in midair while waiting for something to happen.

Promptly at UTC 16:00 the music started and lights dimmed in the virtual theater. Ten exotic dancers with bright multicolored skin pranced onstage and performed acrobatics around their respective poles. Lights swirled around the walls, and the music became louder; a sparkling purple cloud appeared in the center. A woman in a British accent welcomed everybody to the "world's first multiorgasmic extravaganza," and out of the cloud emerged a fully disrobed woman with an uncanny resemblance to multiorgasmic girl. She introduced herself as Jana and talked about her "secret passions" and "Italian boyfriend" and the endless nights of passion which she hoped someday to let people see. Then multiorgasmic girl started masturbating and other dancers followed suit; the self-pleasuring sounds came not only from the actual multiorgasmic girl, but by what seemed to be hundreds of others. A rapid photo montage of women in pleasure flickered along the back wall, and every time multiorgasmic girl reached a peak, the gigantic purple cloud rained golden streaks over the theatre. These erotic-pyrotechnics lasted 25 minutes; it wasn't awful, but most found it tiresome after only five minutes.

Why hadn't the real multiorgasmic teen surfaced? Why hadn't she tried to cash in? Various names of porn stars with a passing resemblance to the girl were suggested and rejected. Some forums even had a photo contest; people would submit photos of girls from real life, and whoever submitted the photo judged to be the most similar to multiorgasmic girl would receive a free porn membership. It was all an underground thing; most of the uploaded photos were of ordinary girls who would have been horrified to learn where their photos were appearing; nobody believed that the contest winner (shown sitting on a park bench in a European city) was the "real" multiorgasmic girl, but the resemblance was uncanny.

One website set up a $1000 reward if the original girl would come forward to do another video. As a result of online donations and pledges, that amount was quickly upped to $10,000. A $500 reward was even put up for any information about the filming of this video or the girl's identity. The manufacturer of the sex toy in the video offered $20,000 if the girl came forward and agreed to be the company's international spokesman. A leading porn company offered $30,000 if she agreed to make another video and $50,000 if she agreed to sign a contract. A Russian company offered $100,000 if she agreed to appear in a gangbang scene with ten men, but the offer was not taken seriously – even though the same company had thrown money around for similar kinds of stunts. One middle-aged executive set up an online shrine to multiorgasmic girl with a letter proposing marriage (or at least a provisional engagement). He offered to fly her to Canada and pay for her college education – no strings attached – while she got to know him better. The man's letter was translated into 8 languages; among porn watchers, this man became the butt of jokes and a kind of icon for how ridiculously far a person could take his adulation.

Reports of the $150,000+ awaiting this girl appeared in mainstream newspapers (along with columns about the exploitation of female porn stars). Even in developed countries $150,000 was a lot of money, and quite a few women came forward to claim it. The main problem was how to confirm that the person claiming the reward was in fact the girl from the original video. Even the people who offered the reward admitted that the original girl would have changed her appearance and might disappoint those who most wanted her to come forward.

In the forums people wrote fan fiction about multiorgasmic teen or spurious adventures of her and her vibrator. Many wondered if the girl would ever be identified. In a planet of six billion people, surely someone would eventually recognize her. Porn watchers were only a subset of the world's population, but people generally believed that with enough clues (and eyeballs), any mystery could be solved. Many thought that the girl had changed her appearance or hair color or lived in a part of the world without porn. By now, this girl had probably figured out that she was unusual and might already know about how famous the video was. Yet for unknown reasons she had declined to come forward. People offered various theories; maybe she was already married (and her husband didn't know!) Maybe she lived in a country which prohibited Internet porn (preventing anyone who might recognize her from seeing the video). Maybe she had a respectable job or didn't want to be reminded of her past. Maybe she feared how it would disgrace her family. Many commenters felt it was her duty to come forward; anyone with the ability to reach orgasms so effortlessly had a gift which ought to be shared … not only for horny men but women seeking bedroom advice. Maybe the girl had an unusual medical condition or special diet or some pivotal childhood event or distinctive personality trait which helped her to have orgasms so easily. Never mind morality; why would a girl reject a quasi-profession where she would automatically be crowned a superstar? Maybe the girl was shy or educated enough to know the dangers of celebritydom. Maybe she feared for her privacy or wanted to pursue a more noble (and less public) career.

Was she a spy? A librarian? A missionary? One board even reported a rumor that the girl had entered a convent in Mexico and agreed to wear conservative dress and a chastity belt for the rest of her life. Many individuals posted "reports" of meeting her or seducing her or convincing her to do another private masturbation performance. These reports generally did not try to be credible, but placed multiorgasmic girl in improbable situations – on the top of a Ferris wheel, watching a sad foreign movie in a theatre, waiting in a traffic jam – and feeling an uncontrollable urge to masturbate. Sometimes she would be seduced by a random stranger who learned about her special talent. Usually the multiorgasmic girl in this fiction would be an ordinary college student or housewife going about her business … finding herself alone with a bus driver or gynecologist or uncle or auto mechanic or boss or professor. The girl/woman/mom would always offer token resistance, but at the slightest touch by a man would slip into an endless stream of badly described orgasms. The fiction was implausible. Yet the original video reminded people that at least one person in the world could have played the part.

The girl in the video did not look like a porn star or a stripper (although she may very well have been one). She was not a model; she was just somebody's girlfriend or fuckfriend who had agreed to do a masturbating video. Everybody knew about her, but nobody knew her. And to tell the truth, nobody really cared about her. She was just a phenomena who had accidentally stumbled into the world of Internet porn. And yet she was a subject of intense interest and curiosity by millions around the world. A few months later, another Internet phenomena would infect people's mind (distracting them again), and multiorgasmic girl would join the multitude of half-remembered pop culture has-beens.

Somewhere in the sex forums among the hundreds of spurious anecdotes about the video's origins is one written by John Mullany (a pseudonym). Unlike the rest of the anecdotes, this one happens to be the truth.

I am the person who shot the video. It was Sonia, a girl in Maracaibo when I was there working on a three month project. Sonia worked at a nearby sandwich shop (and tagged along when I strolled around the city). She talked fast, had a temper and always was outrageous; the video camera (which I also used to capture the sights of the city) did not faze her one bit. She poured Cabernet Sauvignon all over my chest and sipped it up with her mouth. Then she poured some over her breasts and dared me to do the same. Her English was dreadful; at first it seemed cute, but unfortunately that girl never shut up. By the third day, I was growing weary of her, and I put the video on the Net two years later – after learning she had died.

Written June, 2011

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"Faint traces of anticipation appear on her face; biting her lips, she gives a quick yelp, then an amorphous sound of pleasure. "
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