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Founder of the 99 Erotic Notions project Hapax Legomenon introduces Unbuttoned Tales , a place to showcase quality erotica by various woman writers.

I envisioned my 99 Erotic Notions Project as a collection of stories "composed" by a male protagonist approximately my age (25) at the time of writing. The story frame involved a discussion between a male writer and female reader, and I envisioned sometime later that a woman (real or imagined) would write a counterpart to this project, only from the female perspective.

That's what happened (sort of). A female writer I admire offered me two erotic pieces to put up. Having stories written by women does fit neatly inside the overall story frame (see the Erotic Interlude: Androids and Contrapositives for future explanation). Although in the context of the 99 Erotic Notions project, the woman's erotica will be written by one person (the Lisa character), in fact I'll try to feature works by several female writers. That's the plan anyway.

Just so there's no misunderstanding, none of these stories are by me, Hapax Legomenon. I'll use this space to showcase stories by woman writers I admire whose stories fit the general tone of the project. If you write literary woman's erotica and think I might be interested in what you're writing, feel free to drop me a comment or URL through the comment form. My literary tastes are arbitrary and hard to fathom; it's hard to say what kind of stories match the tone of the project, but I'll make an effort to check out your links.

Unless otherwise noted, all Unbuttoned Tales are licensed in a Creative Commons Noncommercial Attribution No Derivative Works license. Read more.

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