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By Hapax Legomenon
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Before making my crass sales pitch, I need to make an obvious point. Thank you for reading. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

The best way to show your appreciation and to help this project (besides sending occasional feedback , which I always enjoy), is to put a link on your website or to recommend the link to a friend. It's hard publicizing a small fiction project; I appreciate any help.

The current distribution system and the existence of the Internet makes it imperative to put stuff out there without worrying about making money off it. No one embarks on creative projects for the money, but receiving a little bit of money once in a while provides some real validation for the lonely art of writing. It also provides resources for future creative projects. In 2009 I plan to release audio versions of these stories, as well as ebook versions. Frankly, it takes a lot of time and effort to do this.

This page contains a list of the ways in which you can show your support. $1 or $2 is fine, with $5 being really generous and anything above that as extraordinary.

Please don't get the impression that donating is the only way to show appreciation (although it is a very tangible way). A nice note or simply linking to me would be also much appreciated. If you'd like to show appreciation in the form of a physical object (book, mix CD, sex toys, etc), here's how to send it.

Preferred Method: Paypal

How Much of Your Donation Goes to Me

Donation Amount Paypal (from U.S.A.) Paypal (From Outside U.S.A.)
Transaction Fee 2.9% + $.30 3.9% + $.30
$1 $.67 $.66
$2 $1.64 $1.62
$3 $2.61 $2.58
$4 $3.58 $3.54
$5 $4.55 $4.50

Updated August, 2009.

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