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February 2018 Update

First my contact information is hapaxlegomenon AT fastmailbox.net . None of the contact forms on this website work anymore. Also, the newsletter signup link on the home page doesn't work anymore. (The paypal link still appears to work though).

You might notice that I haven't updated this site in a long while. You may also notice that this web design really sucks!

I can explain. I had been meaning to stop writing stories for a while and post an ebook version of the stories I had finished. I was going to do this in 2010, but then I wanted to write another story and got caught up in several personal, creative and professional events. Some exciting, some sucky, some incredibly distracting. My life has been a 3 ring circus lately, and this isn't the only project I am behind on.

I still intend to publish this as a free book, but there are some complications. First, I do want to distribute the ebook through major ebookstores, and that will probably mean selling the ebook for a nominal fee. That means I will need to get my authors and illustrators to approve everything. (Previously they offered their creative works on the condition that it be only for noncommercial purposes).

Also, I want a nice ebook cover and more contributions from female authors.

My original idea was to read lots of erotica by women, find stories I liked and then offer a small amount of money for them to contribute their story under a CC license. That didn't work particularly well. First, whenever I found a story I did like by a female author, often it was fiendishly difficult to find their contact information. With pseudonyms, out-of-date emails and what not, I rarely received a reply – even when I offered money. That just seems crazy. Or maybe the author would reply once and then hesitate when told the specifics.

Eventually I realized that there was a better way to do it. Offer a prize for erotic stories written by females, and then wait for them to contact ME. I really don't mind reading through a lot of stories and even paying a little money as long as I don't have to spend too much time chasing people down. The idea of a contest with a cash prize seems like a good way to attract quality writers whose tone and writing is in keeping with this overall project. But this is a semi-major undertaking, and it requires publicity and cash which I currently don't have in abundance. So I am not going to release an ebook until I can get that off the ground.

Another thing. I am changing the project title to something more compact. (won't reveal it here). I love the title "99 Erotic Notions" (especially because it fits in with two particular stories), but the word "erotic" misleads people about the nature of the project. Also, I wasn't exactly sure that I would actually write 99 stories. Over time I find I am writing longer stories and less flash fiction, and frankly I don't care how many stories I end up writing.

I am currently working on one long erotic story, Initiations, which I will publish eventually (in the next year), but I am in no special hurry to do that. Also maybe a few short pieces. The good news is that a small literary publisher will be helping me to publish the ebook (probably in 2020 or so).

In term of project direction, my plan had always been to write a bunch of erotica and then to take a long vacation from it – probably a decade or so, and return to it again.

But when I do return to this project – probably a good 5 years or so after the ebook comes out, I plan to write erotica stories from a totally different perspective. The stories published here so far have tried to be evocative and sensual and passionate – even sexually explicit. In the stories I have written and published so far, I have achieved something remarkable. Not just as a way to pour out my soul, but also to reveal the evolving views on love and passion from a male perspective.

The second batch of stories will have a totally different feel from the earlier stories. The second batch will be less about sensuality or evocativeness but more about how people's erotic selves are just a backdrop to other dramas in their lives. Perhaps it will be a little darker or more cynical or prosaic. I haven't decided.

Also, I have several finished, half-written or outlined essays about art and literature that pertain to erotic themes of the project. I'd love to find time to include a few of these pieces in the project.

Once I publish the ebook (and make it available under a Creative Commons license), I plan to remove the already published stories from the Internet. Currently, the online stories sit at two different places: the ASSTR site and ripemangotaketwo.com (a personal domain). When I get around to publishing this ebook, I probably will remove individual stories, but the ebook – when it is ready – will always be free to download. I am certainly not embarrassed by the stories, but I think it's better to make it a little hard to find and read the stories.

In 2018 I will be publishing a short story collection under a different pseudonym which has nothing to do with erotica – frankly, I won't be revealing the title of the collection on this site.

In conclusion, although I have not published any updates, this project remains fresh on my mind and close to my heart. I would love to find the time and money to get this ready for final publication, but realistically, it probably won't happen until 2020.

Finally, thanks for reading, and feel free to drop me a line!

Written Feb 2018

Free ebook will be ready in 2020 – maybe sooner.
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